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… work is an act of faith. Navigating a creative career is a complicated soup: it’s playful, it’s hellish, it’s inspiring, it’s uncertain, it’s surging forth, then muddling through, it’s abundant, it’s empty, it’s non-linear, it’s full of freedom. It’s an altogether worthwhile journey that I know well first-hand as a coach and artist myself.   

I work with creatives to have more clarity, energy, presence, and delight in the workaday world. To become unclogged from tension, slothfulness, despair and stress in order to tap into higher creativity, elevate your work to the next level, complete projects/goals, get out of your own way and get your artistry out into the world.


… is a creative act that has chosen me throughout my creative career. I never sought it out. My phone would ring with an offer to teach and I’d plunge in, following my instincts and sharing my direct experience. I’ve been privileged to work with many creatives, young and seasoned, across many disciplines: actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, network executives, musicians, dancers, visual artists, and entrepreneurs. To see progress and breakthroughs still amazes and inspires me. It’s a beautiful, symbiotic exchange of creative energy.

In 2015, I founded the Hollywood Women’s Collective and have led this membership-based women’s community dedicated to empowering women creatives in their careers and personal lives, while engendering a spirit of collaboration, accountability, and leadership. This springboarded into leading workshops and events upon request. I’ve taken my years of working professionally as an artist, teaching, self-growth research, vedic meditation experience, and women’s group leadership and distilled it into effective goal-setting strategies and simple daily practices specifically geared for those on a creative path and those seeking to infuse their business or life with deeper self-expression and joy.


my gift to you

A resource-rich workbook: sixty-six pages of inspiring writings, tips, and goal setting exercises to clarify your creative mission. Download your complimentary e-book.

Leading a creative women’s goal workshop, WMN Space Culver City

Leading a creative women’s goal workshop, WMN Space Culver City

Autumn has a magical way of bringing clarity where there’s confusion and dissonance. We’ve taught several Holistic Goal Setting and Ayurvedic Self Care workshops together, and when Autumn shared her goal-setting methods, our students would light up with newfound awareness and inspiration. She helped them to see themselves and their lives with more clarity. Most importantly, she helped them to believe in themselves. What I love about Autumn’s approach to coaching is that it’s not superficial or just about money, but about finding more joy and purpose in life.

/  julie Bernier, Ayurvedic Practitioner  /

Autumn has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter, revealing things you might be unwittingly holding onto or what’s running in direct opposition to your goals. As an actor, I strive to bring truth to my work. Autumn has helped me operate from my authentic self not just on-camera, but daily.

/ gideon Emery, actor  /

Autumn is an amazingly kind, encouraging, thoughtful and powerful leader!  She leads with heart and truly listens to you (not to be taken for granted in this fast-paced digital age). Autumn encourages and supports everyone to live their best life - whatever that means for each person individually. You will feel supported, empowered and embraced whenever you are in Autumn's presence...and that makes you realize that everything feels possible.

/  angela oh, actress-director  /

When I have questions about my creative business, I immediately go, with full confidence, to Autumn Withers.  She has never not had an answer that best serves me, my business, and my inner dreamer, but more importantly, she is a collaborator. Her wisdom and experience help me find the answers that leave me feeling excited and clear about my next steps. I couldn’t recommend Autumn more, if you’re needing clarity and guidance in your creative career. I’m very grateful.

/  Sarah rodenbaugh, actress  /


If you’re interested in having me speak or guide a creative goal workshop for your next event or organization, complete the form below and we’ll get started. For one on one coaching, I offer hourly Skype sessions. Individual and group pricing is available upon inquiry.

If creating more and stressing less is for you, I look forward to working together!

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